Cuddles from morning


A delicious good morning

Sci Sport's good morning smells of goodness, that of a delicious breakfast, enjoyed in front of an impressive panorama.

Sweet or savoury breakfast? A dilemma whose answer is difficult! To be honest, not even we at Sci Sport would be able to choose! We are certain, however, that during your stay we will make you taste various and delicious alternatives, and whatever your response at the end of your holiday, breakfast with us will leave you satisfied.

Once you arrive at the hotel, you can evaluate our proposals for yourself, but let's start by anticipating a little something. Breakfast at Sci Sport is served as a rich buffet, and includes both sweet and savoury products. We also have gluten-free options, for those who wish.

Fragrant croissants, homemade cakes, biscuits, rusks, jam, yoghurt, cereals and fruit are the sweet products in our buffet. Bread, sliced meats, toast and cheese, on the other hand, will be the boon for those who prefer the savoury option. You can accompany these delicacies with your favourite beverage: coffee, hot tea, juice, milk, cappuccino or latte macchiato.

What are you waiting for? The breakfast buffet is already laid out.

Breakfast also for flat guests

For hotel guests, breakfast is included in the price of the stay. Even if you choose to stay in the flats, however, you can ask for breakfast and enjoy the products that we have carefully selected and prepared for you!

We only have to wish you a good breakfast and a good day!

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3 good reasons to choose us

The best for your holiday in Bormio


Just a few steps from the ski slopes and bike trails


B&B or flat? Two perfect solutions to choose from


Strategic and excellent location in the centre of Bormio

The Facility


We started from an excellent base, with carefully designed and well-maintained spaces. Then we enriched our offer with services to make you feel cuddled and relaxed.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Our guests' doubts are often similar, so we tried to answer your most frequently asked questions. Everything you need to know before you set off on your wonderful adventure in the Magnificent Land is here.

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Strategic location

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